Maungo Palesa Baikepi

Remember what it was like once upon a time to be the new kid at school? There was the anxiety of whether you would be liked, the fear of whether other kids were talking about you, the panic that you’d be singled out and labelled as the fat kid, the teacher’s pet, the weirdo or maybe just the nerd. Are you still that school kid loner, living in your own little world with your own little thoughts…well not so little only you make them seem little because you never get them out.

Its time to pump up your confidence and break into new circles, get to meet new people. In order to help you to break ice and make friends with your new colleagues, here is the Pristine guide on how to expand your friend circle in your new office, college or university.

1. Introduce yourself and start with some basic details about yourself do not over do it, you do not want them to think of you as a ‘brag’ be a little modest but don’t belittle yourself either. Ask them about their lives as well, being friends with someone means getting to know more about them as well. Try to find some common grounds and try to relate yourself to their situations.

2. Get your face seen; making friends is about being known for something. So go on and get your face out there. Be it the argumentative guy in the office or the smart woman who thinks the world revolves around her. Have a personality that not only stands out but is also appreciated by those around you.

3. Join social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and get to know people. Add your colleagues and friends to your social networking sites and get to know them more. You would be surprised how much you would find out because people tend to be more social over digital communication.

4. When you are out there, whether it’s a club or any social gathering, strike up an intelligent argument but then again be sure of your audience. Know the people you are talking to so you know what and how to talk to them.

5. Learn your etiquette, know how to behave in public, bad manners could work against your chances of making because no one what’s to be friends with people who would embarrass them in public.

6. Break out of your comfort zone, one the biggest obstacles to making friends is the tendency for people to create a comfort zone around themselves and then never leave it. Get out there and do something new, break out of your normal routine.

7. Share experiences and crack jokes, laugh and smile with people. Don’t be too uptight about life; loosen up once in a while.

In the end, making friends is all about your self esteem and your personality, it starts with you. Work on making yourself and stop doubting yourself.