ZoëGENESIS Nonde is a creative young woman who has lived and breathed music almost all her life. Born to a Swazi mother and a Zambian father, she learnt to communicate through music to people of different cultures from a young age. The 20 year old Pop musician from eSwatini fuses her music with other genres.

Having sung solo since her primary school morning assemblies; ZoëGENESIS later went to master the art of song-writing in her early teen years. She officially went pro in 2015, as a female vocalist for a group called Stand Still where they released 2 singles. In 2016 she worked on her first solo project, collaborating with M-Seth, and 2017 saw her debut her first solo single, Genesis.


1. Who is your influence?
Everything that defines me is more influenced by experiences than people; my style, my music, my character etc. I’ve always believed that it is the experience that comes with a lesson or an inspiration. People are just the carriers or tools for these lessons to be communicated.

2. How do/did you overcome nervousness?
As crazy as this seems, there’s song by Glory Of The Last Days that’s helped me get through the most since I was a kid. It’s the lines “ngihamba noJesu, uyanginakekela, Manje nghlushwa yini?” that get me through most situations. I just sing it in my head all the time and the nerves subside.

3. From all your songs, which is your favourite?
*Laughs* Well, I don’t have a favorite but I have a special one. King. It is special to me because it’s creative process was so organic! I had been in the studio to wrap up my single Genesis. Mozaik was messing around with a skeleton beat and right then the melody hit me. We decided to give it life, and King was born. It’s real for me because I didn’t have to think of a concept, I literally just wrote what was in my heart at that moment.


4. What is your most embarrassing moment as a singer on stage?
*Laughs* it worked out for good though! My PC had two versions of my single, King. One had Oriiginelle’s and the other didn’t. I was performing at Psycolution’s Live n Direct CSR show when I realized in the middle of the song that I had used the one without her verse. Luckily I’m a weirdo who listens to my own songs the most and jams to them, so I had mastered her verse and flow. On the spot I had to channel myself to just do it because I couldn’t let the beat go on on its own. The beginning was shaky, but I got into the mood. And now I just incorporate it in performances, even with acoustic versions.

5. What is your best moment in 2018?
Being Part of the MTN Bushfire Firefly Top 20 was a highlight. Even though I didn’t make it to the top 10, it’s open doors for me so much and honestly it’s given my brand a boost

By: Tandzile Zwane
Pic Credit: Owen Kunene