In preparation for the first ever Gaborone Book Festival which will take place in September later this year, Gaborone Book Festival Trust (GBFT) celebrated World Book Day by having a Book Night, at the University of Botswana (UB).

The book night brought together different authors in the country and gave them the stage to express their journey and experiences as writers in Botswana.


Some of the authors present were Kagiso Madibana, Thabo Katlholo, Lauri Kubuitsile and Modirwa Kekwaletswe. The authors took center stage and had the opportunity to talk about their craft in writing and also sell and autograph their books.

Sticking to the theme of giving recognition to both established writers and aspiring writers, the book night gave a platform to share all ideas and give a light to those writers that are still on the come up. Apart from the featured authors, the book night also celebrated and gave honor to other local authors, readers of all ages and respective backgrounds. The night brought all of these individuals together to share a common goal of appreciating reading and writing.

Thabo Katlholo, who authored The Mud Hut That Raised me, as well as UnAfrican,  expressed his desire and appreciation of novels as well as how far the industry has come in Botswana. “The same way our government is striving to bring in investors for different sectors- each book that gets published is attracting publishers to our little haven.”

Author of The Scattering, Lauri Kubuitsile, talked about her novel which tells a story of Tjipuka, the daughter of a Herero Chief, whose life is shattered during the brutal Herero wars. Lauri is a full time, award winning writer and writes for children, teens and adults.


Another localized author that hit the stage was Rorisang Mogojwe who talked about her highly anticipated ‘Naledi: Confessions’ novel. The novel is a creative nonfiction story about the adventures of a young woman in Gaborone and her friends.

Gaborone Book Festival is scheduled for the 21-22 September 2018, with a mandate to cultivate the reading culture in Botswana while encouraging and supporting Botswana creative.

By: Thabang Sekape