Pristine Mag caught up with the beautiful Namibian Ilke-Platt Akwenye, affectionately known as ‘Cutie’. She is a former NBC Radio and TV personality, who holds more than 15 years in the communications industry and last year saw her taking up the entrepreneurial path by establishing her own PR Company ‘Poiyah Media’.


Quizzed on what the month of love means to her and what it meant to her growing up, Ilke believes that Valentine’s should be celebrated everyday and making her loved ones feel special. However she boldly believes that this doesn’t always have to do with splurging large sums of money always and that it’s the little and small things that count such as helping around in the kitchen or a giving a back massage to a partner.

“As a little girl we would get hyped up about it during assembly when school friends would give and exchange valentine’s cards. I was not a fan of that as it left some feeling unloved if they didn’t receive a card or rose but eventually growing up you learn that you only need yourself to love yourself and feel appreciated. ”

This month (and the the 14th to be specific) is typically coupled with exchange of gifts, romantic dinners, roses, movie dates and so on, both amongst the old and young. So is it really a valentine’s day without any of these?? While we can discuss this all day especially women and young girls, Ilke’s advice is that people should not expect anything, and further emphasized that giving is always better than receiving.


“Love should be natural, and give a sense of safety and security.” She chooses to spend that day with her two lovely sons Popyeni and Oiyah, who she calls her heartbeat, her reason for breathing and showing her unconditional love every single morning she wakes up.

By: Kamogelo Masokwane