Award winning actress from Namibia, Inêsh dos Ramos, talks all things acting.

The first thing you notice about Inêsh is her big, beautiful smile. It is hard to imagine someone so bubbly and full of life was once shy and depressed. She says her shyness stemmed from a fear of having her ideas shot down by those around her; pushing her further into her shell. However, in the 4th grade, she was cast as Maria in the school play. It was the sense of freedom that made her fall in love with the performing arts. On stage, there was no restriction; she could be vocal without the fear of being judged.

This love saw Inêsh taking up Drama as her minor in university. Although acting and performing comes naturally, she believes that training is an important element in growing one’s skills. Skills can only be cultivated in an environment that’s non-judgemental and free. Lecturers like Ms Olivier-Sampson, who always encourage students and constantly show them their true potential, allow students like her to move past stage fright and into their true potential.

“The best things in life are on the other side of your fear.” – Will Smith


The Namibian acting industry is small, but Inêsh believes that it is very accommodating to emerging actors. There are countless of opportunities and platforms that new actors can use to showcase their talent. The Namibian Arts Council, the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) and the University of Namibia (UNAM) drama department are platforms that always welcomes new actors and playwriters. Artists have to decide to be part of these productions and just show up.

“There is nobody holding you back from becoming a part of this industry,

all you have to do is just show up.” – Inêsh dos Ramos

Inêsh believes that Namibians are fortunate as there are multiple workshops available to the public to cultivate their potential. Places such as the Katutura Community Art Centre (KCAC) and the College of the Arts (COTA) are continuously providing platforms to introduce new actors to the industry. The high quality of music videos, series, movies and theatre productions made show the evolution and growth of the Industry.

Inesh in action

Inesh in action

Inêsh stresses the importance of having a mentor. Not only does it help performers grow, it also helps them maintain the strength of who they are. Losing oneself in a character is easy; a good mentor keeps you anchored in your true self. Inêsh acknowledges that she is fortunate enough to have mentors that have moulded and shaped her into the performer she is today. Inêsh highlights the likes of Laurinda Olivier-Sampson, Frederick Philander, Tanya Terblanche, Sacha Olivier-Sampson, Jamie Barlett, Felicity Celento and Justin Hango as just some of the people that have aided her in her journey of performance arts.

“I come as one, I stand as 10,000” -Dr. Maya Angelou

Inêsh, who recently won the SYM Lifestyle and Fashion, Favourite Actress Award 2017, does not see the award as an individual achievement. For her, the award represents the dreamers. The award serves as a manifestation of the dreamers that never allow “no” to slow down their growth. She says thank you to the people that have crossed her path as they all have taught her so much.

“This award is showed me that people believed in me because they still believed in themselves.” – Inêsh dos Ramos

By: Ros Limbo