Men, and society, have always looked at skin care grooming as a gauge of one’s sexuality. Over the years a significant number of men have been making an effort to keep their skin radiant and healthy. Fellas, luckily for you Pristine has a few tips and tricks on hassle free, affordable ways the 2017 man can love his skin without taking away from his budget and busy schedule.

1. Hydration
This is the most important, and affordable, way to care for the skin. A little H2O goes a long. A lot goes even further. This helps with removing toxins from inside of the body. To look good on the outside, you have to start with the inside first. Take a water bottle with you to work and make sure you drink an equivalent of 8 glasses a day.

2. Health(ier) Diet
Another cleanser from the inside. Your diet may lead to skin flaws such as acne. A nutritious diet is always good for the vitality of the organs, including the skin. A good amount of fibre to keep you regular and antioxidants will do magic, not only for how you look, but how you feel. Generally, a good diet helps with the colour and elasticity so pack yourself a healthy luncharticle-2102779-11C99EBA000005DC-605_468x385
3. Exercise
Don’t worry, this does not mean you need to pay for gym membership with your tight budget or struggle to find time with your early mornings and late nights If you can afford it that’s always great, but a little activity always goes a long way. This could mean stretching before bed, or even joining a weekend soccer team. A healthy and fun hobby is the way to go. It helps you physically and mentally. Your skin will thank you.

4. Exfoliation
Once you have worked on removing the toxins and dirt from within, you start working on the surface of your skin. Dead skin cells and toxins that have been sweated out of the body stick to your skin and it is very important to cleanse them off regularly. For most, a simple scrub with a facecloth does the trick. Scrubs and other deep exfoliating products can be bought off the shelf for affordable prices. By the way, it also doesn’t hurt to book yourself into a nice spa treatment once a month for an even deeper cleanse. 


5. Moisturization
Last but not least, moisturise. Once you have ridden yourself from the filth inside and outside of your body it is important to seal all of the good stuff in. It is important to find out what works for you and your skin type. Some prefer old school petroleum jelly, and some opt for high end lotion. Explore other options such as essential oils. Coconut oil and Shea butter do wonders for your glow. Apply just enough to ensure every inch of your body is oiled up in the morning and you are good for the day. Maybe even pack a miniature version for your hands on the go.

By: Masego Mohwasa