Early entrepreneurial development is widely regarded as a fundamental pillar of any viable business venture, which is not only rooted in the spirit of service delivery and the creation of wealth, but the creation of sustainable businesses.

Entrepreneurs have become the new heroes of the business world. Organizations are looking for radical people who are idealist, incubators, innovators and accelerators, to drive business operations to profitability and high-level of leadership excellence. The Achieve Success Summit slated for July 7th 2017 is an annual gathering in Swaziland where the sharing of visions and ideas propels personal empowerment, professional development and promotes active participation in the economic vibration of Swaziland and beyond.

The event is the brainchild of Wandile Hlathswayo. He underpins the fact that the event came about with the need for professionals, board members and entrepreneurs converge and share an entrepreneurial mindset, positive thinking, wealth creation, personal development and strategic vision execution. Hlatshwayo said that this year’s summit will include a workshop which will address themes including strategy, risk and opportunity, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation

“The purpose of the ACS is to fuel world class thinking among innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, organizations and civil society,” he said.

The event’s primary objective is to stimulate world class thinking among the Swazi society, and it can be affirmed that Swaziland has fresh talent, which has led to emergence and growth of new industries, and the only challenge we face as a country, is access to the right talent, not just in terms of science, engineering or entrepreneurship, but also soft skills such as communications skills, team work and the ability to embrace and be comfortable in ambiguity.
“I, therefore, consider myself and my company as players in this global economy. However small the contribution, it is still significant enough to propel the agenda of economic development and build an equitable human society. As an individual, I’ve invested significant time in understanding businesses and their impact on society,” he said.

The youthful brain behind the summit, Wandile Hlathswayo

The youthful brain behind the summit, Wandile Hlathswayo

The event is in two fronts; a workshop and seminar. The event has grown immensely over the past three (3) years featured international speakers including; Vusi Thembekwayo, Iona Minton, Savannah Maziya, Mfundo Muhammed, Lynette Hundermark, just to name a few.

This year’s event will feature once again, Vusi Thembekwayo, Hon. Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini and Zipho Sikhakhane.

Dlamini is the Minister of Public Works and Transport. She has contributed to sustainable development and is a business woman, driven by a quest for business growth and a passion for development, and the attainment of the national vision through the provision and maintenance of quality and responsible leadership.

Sikhakhane is a renowned business speaker, strategist, investor and consultant. She is the first black woman Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate from Stanford University, and has been inspiring young innovative entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond, with new strategic thinking, and providing new growth and developmental escape routes for enterprises to thrive and create wealth.

Too many leadership experts still fail to distinguish between the practice of leadership and the exercise of bureaucratic power. To gain a true leadership advantage, organizations need people who understand how to maximize their own ratio of “accomplishment over authority.” They must believe it’s possible to do something big with a little dab of power. All this will be unearthed during the Achieve Success Summit, which will be on July 6th, 2017, at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre, eZulwini, Swaziland.

The Summit provides national and regional platforms for executive professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators, leaders to learn and embrace the psychology of success in order to create wealth for themselves their country and the continent of Africa, and contribute to the Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) of the country and create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and create sustainable businesses.

Achieve Success Summit/ Seminar participants during the ACS Summit 2016

Achieve Success Summit/ Seminar participants during the ACS Summit 2016

The ACS is working on future projects that are seeking at enhancing business leaders evaluate and monitor their impact in their organizations and enterprises to track progressive leadership, as leaders are required to be strategic, persistent and focussed on the long-term goals. One of these innovations will include a tracking programme, a tool that will be created by the participants to monitor their business development.

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By: Thabiso Mnisi