My favourite season is upon us! Many people dread the Winter, but there is a silver lining; make up lasts longer during winter!

5 ways to heat up the winter

1. Moisturize

I cannot stress this point harder, winter tends to dry out our skin so we must Moisturize our face before applying makeup. My favourite product to use is unprocessed coconut oil and you can get this from Nubian Seed.

2. Oil based foundation

Because the winter tends to dry out our faces an oil based foundation is the best to use this season. My number one recommended foundation has to be the NORA cosmetics foundation range.

beauty by lei faves

3. Maximize the fleek

Go big! This is your season to be on fleek. Winter fashion can be a bit dull so this is your chance to show up and show off. Who needs a bomb outfit when you have a bomb face? To get the latest and best make up products visit Beauty by Lei on Facebook.

4. Skin care

Your skin is your life! Get a routine facial to rejuvenate your face. Body Signature Spa has amazing and affordable facials. If it’s from me you know it has to be amazing.

5. Invest in beauty

Get yourself the Rosa GEM make up brushes, these alone will heat up your winter.  These are the most affordable make up brushes in Africa. The set has all the brushes you will ever need for that glow up, visit Lush lifestyle to get a set.

By: Letsema Gaefhele