You were happy being single all through the December holidays. The presence of couples on Valentine’s Day didn’t faze you at all. But now winter has reared its ugly head and things have begun to change.

You watch as your friends drop off your radar one by one as they enter “hibernation” with their significant others. You want to have a night out with friends but you suddenly find yourself alone. The nights grow longer and days colder, you begin to feel somewhat lonely.
Fret not, you are not alone.
Winter has this way of making us want to stay indoors and snuggle up with our significant other. The problem comes in when you have been advocating for the single life all summer long. But that is where cuffing comes in. The term “cuffing season” was introduced into the Urban Dictionary in 2011. Cuffing season occurs in the winter months and sees people who are often single desire to be in committed relationships.

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Is cuffing season really a thing? Biologically humans do not have a mating pattern. Relationships bloom (and increased conceptions) because the pool of sexual partners decreases. Let’s face it: people would rather be huddled in front of the TV with a hot water bottle than freeze their toes off drinking beer at some random outdoor party.
However, winter also has a way of forcing introspection. As we begin to find ourselves alone, we are forced to address the inner loneliness we face and can often mask when surrounded by people.

Like one friend told me “the cold shocks us out of denial”. We now have to face all the emotional baggage we drag throughout the year. And it is easier to deal with emotional baggage when you have a constant support system. And who better to listen to all your problems than a new bae?

Want to get cuffed this season? Why not try the following:
1.Go out more
Let’s face it, you will not get cuffed if you spend all your weekends curled up in front of the TV. Take some time and mingle in a comfortable, preferably warm, social setting. Art galleries, intimate jazz shows and launch parties are great places to meet new people.

2.Go on multiple dates
Go on several dates with several different people. Yes, I said several people. This allows you ample opportunity to determine what you want in a partner and sift out through the potentials for the right one. And who knows, you might be lucky enough to find a partner that lasts beyond cuffing season.

3.Let the world know your desire to be cuffed
If you are known as the individual that is ALWAYS single, you might want to put it out there that you wish to be cuffed. And while you are at it, let them know what you want in a partner.

4.Cuff it. Responsibly
When you find someone cute, dependable and funny, get out the cuffs. Don’t be afraid to make the first move if you have found what you like.

Whether you are cuffed or looking to cuff someone soon, enjoy the winter season. It is, after all, the season for love.
By: Ros Limbo