TEDx Gaborone 2017, saw speakers motivate and captivate a youthful audience with their inspirational stories of TRANSCENDENCE.

This year’s theme ‘transcendence’, which means to go beyond ordinary limits had speakers taking the audience through their respective journeys to transcend through talks, music and dance.

Kalima Mipata, professional dancer...transcending through his dance piece.

Kalima Mipata, professional dancer…transcending through his dance piece.

TEDx is a non-profit organization which has been in existence since 1984 where it begun as a conference where only technology, entertainment and design were covered. However, today the TEDx conferences all over the world cover almost all topics from business, science, global issues, leadership, education and creativity etc, in more than a hundred languages. The conference compromised of 18 speakers from different facets of life, from countries like Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, just a few to mention.
TedxGaborone 2017 featured artists like Botswana’s own songstress Samantha Mogwe, disability advocate Peggy, fine artist Wilson Ngoni, South African pianist Nduduzo Makhathini.

Wilson Ngoni, visual artist

Wilson Ngoni, visual artist

Celebrated artist Wilson Ngoni shared his life story of how he grew up without an educational background and had to be taken to school by social workers. Narrating how painting saved him from poverty. He called on young people to do whatever it takes to make their own dreams come true. “I paint my dreams, I paint human experience”. He adviced youth to follow their dreams regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.
In opening her talk, Songstress Samantha Mogwe, serenaded the crows with a beautiful piece. In line with this year’s theme she explained how she had to trust and believe in the beauty of her own voice in order to go further as a singer. “What is your chase?” She asked emphatically. “Not everyone believed I could make it. In fact some didn’t take me seriously as they believed the music and entertainment industry was not much of a career, but because I knew what I was after I chased my dream and I am now fulfilling it despite some challenges it faces”, she closed.
Segaetsho shared her life story of how she has managed to survive as a blind person. She lamented how people living with disabilities are not catered for by different institutions, saying it leaves them at a disadvantage.
Baba Buntu, a researcher and historian expressed his appreciation for the conference and the platform it offered for speakers to inspire others saying TEDx Gaborone was a reminder that Africa has solutions of its own. “We have become a people so overburdened with external impositions and domination that we often doubt or undermine our own innovative strength.”
He added that the conference was a reminder that Africans needed to develop the urgency to completely rid itself of colonial demons and reclaim what has been taken away, unapologetically.

Donald Molosi and Rachel Nyaradzo Adams called on the youthful continent to rise, learn educate and be active leaders for the change Africa needs.

Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, Change Leadership and Management expert

Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, Change Leadership and Management expert

TEDxGaborone videos will be shared on YouTube.

By: Kamogelo Masokwane

Image credit: TedxGaborone Facebook