The natural hair movement began in the late 2000’s among black girls all across the USA. It was aimed at encouraging and empowering girls to be confident and comfortable in not conforming to social standards and growing, as well as embracing their curls.

A few years down the line, it’s no surprised to find the trend having caught onto Batswana. It was almost certain a smart entrepreneur was to take advantage of the loophole in our market to bring us Afrobella, a hair salon that specializes in natural hair care and styling. While they are a natural hair clinic, they however don’t limit themselves to just hair.

pristine_afrobella studios
The concept of a natural hair salon was born from the frustration of poor service in local salons on natural hair care. After constant research and planning the Director of the salon decided ‘bellas’ across Botswana deserved special care and attention for their crowns.
She tapped into this niche market, providing the much needed service that was short in most local hair salons, a move that many naturalistas welcomed.
Why go natural?
There are many interesting curl patterns and textures, explore yours! The versatility of natural hair is endless. If you ever want it straight you can just iron it. However, over and above that, there are also health concerns and implications involved in using harmful chemicals on one’s hair.
1. Studies show that hair relaxers have harmful chemicals that are closely linked to fibroids (non-cancerous tumours in the womb)
2. Putting harsh chemicals found in relaxers into your scalp gives them direct access to our blood stream
3. Relaxers permanently break down the protein bonds in our hair (the more protein bonds the curlier the hair) making the hair straight and in turn compromising the strength and health of our hair. Protein is important for strong hair so a lack of it will lead to loss of hair (thinning and breakage) and volume.


If you have ever thought that there was no way that natural hair could look any healthier, grow any longer, or flatter your face any better than your relaxed, we believe you should now know you have a choice.

With the right hair care products and services, the physical look and health of your hair can change for the better.

By: Fifi Mathambo