Envision the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, Michelle and Barrack Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates. Surely the first thing that echoes at the back of your mind is power, money and success. This is because of how they portray their love towards each other, their work ethic, and how determinedly they live up to their passion and purpose. And of course how effortlessly cool they make being in a relationships look. Did anyone say #RelationshipGoals?

Botswana’s very own rap couple; Tuelo ‘Nippy’ and Thuto ‘Melo’ Pheto are an embodiment of the relationship goals that most of us aspire to reach. They are young, spunky, and creative. And they both rap!
The two lovebirds met in 2002 through a mutual friend. They have been together for 10 years, and got married in December 2015.

Nippy is an Accountant by profession, born in Francistown in the Northern part of Botswana and bred in Gaborone all her life. Her profession has never stopped her from pursuing her music and fashion passion which she developed at the tender age of nine.

Nippy & Melo

Nippy & Melo

“Although I am a wife and a mother, I do make time to make my heart happy. My heart is happy when I’m doing the things that I love. I am a creative being – a musician, songwriter, actress as well as a designer.”

Although she has not ‘officially’ been in the music industry for as long as her husband Melo, Nippy started making music during her high school days. It was only during university that her and her music group’s plan to make music failed. However in 2015 she started hitting the studio seriously inspired by her pregnancy.
“I wouldn’t have wanted my daughter growing up to ask me why I never followed my dream or over hear people talking about how I never took my music seriously,” she explained. And so she followed her dreams of being a musician, designer and actress.

She now has a hit single out named ‘For You’ featuring songstress Licky of the ‘Free Love’ fame, currently enjoying air play on all radio stations. She was also part of a play called “Shattered Dreams” commemorating the Rwandan Genocide. The play received raving reviews from critics and media houses. Nippy has also recently launched a clothes and bag line, called Changu which she creates for the classy, millennial woman who still wants to remain in touch with her African roots.
The multi-talented Nippy plans to follow her passion as this is where her heart lies, while still being a good mother and wife – another job she loves.


Melo was born and bred in Botswana’s capital Gaborone. He began his music career in 2006 as one half of popular hiphop-motswako duo Magosi. The group debuted under the Ramco Loco stable, but he and partner Thobo ‘Ruxion’ Kerekang parted ways a few years later to focus on their professional careers.

The hip hop couple

The hip hop couple

Popularly known for his music and hosting popular BTV show Prime Time Life, Melo has branched into other areas of focus in the same line. He is currently focused on the marketing and branding elements of his TV career, and doing more work behind the camera.

“I have been on TV for quite some time now and within that time I have acquired a lot of skills that are quite valuable. I have directed my own music videos, directed my own web series so I am really endeavoring to become a producer, director or really just that guy behind the conceptualization of TV productions”, he said.

Melo, who is considered not only BW’s hottest rappers is also a fashion icon (yes ladies we know you love to see him in a suit!) He has also just launched his hip hop inspired Melo Universal which he uses to promote his brand as a music artist. It consists of t-shirts and flat caps for the cool, casual hip hop look.

Relationship goals



Relationship experts say you can have a successful relationship and balance high-powered careers — it just takes work. So when asked how they keep the romance burning and careers flourishing, the couple chuckled initially like two 16 year olds still deep in puppy love. But it was Melo who quickly answered: “We are a family, we know that we are a couple, we are people who look after each other, take care of each and love each other so the number one objective within the household is to make sure that everyone succeeds and is on top of their game. We both know when to tell the other they are slacking or not doing things right. Besides the music, we are in industries that are aligned so we get involved with whatever project that the other has going on.”

The couple says being in the creative industry has made them more aware of each other so they understand each other’s pressures, hustles and pains. They are the cheerleaders of each other’s dreams.

“Support is all we give each other at the end of the day. We consult each other though it’s never a guarantee that we’d take each other’s advice.

But it’s always good to have a listening ear and someone in your corner. Being an entrepreneur is hard and straining both emotionally and financially. I mean every now and then one of us wants to quit or complains, and not only with the business side but with the music too. So it’s good to have someone who pushes you. We push each other everyday” said Nippy.
Their advice for highly driven and busy couples is simple: remain committed to one another before anything or anyone else.

Article By: Kamogelo Masokwane | Make up: Beauty by Lei | Jumpsuit: FADDIC x Missgeekay |Blazer: Keno Suits| Dress: Changu by Nippy | Location: Absolut Bar & Elyx Lounge