As the world is driving towards a creative economy, it is important for developing countries like Botswana to make efforts to keep up and make use of available talents and resources, this includes nurturing creativity from a young minds.  In partnership with Yarona FM, Chillstep Sundays, a monthly artistic exhibition, has introduced a segment that will reward, encourage and mentor students between the ages of 13 – 18 years.

This initiative serves to bring attention to, and develop talent among youth in Botswana interested in the Arts sector.  Each month, students will submit an unfinished sample which will be posted to social media platforms for public viewing and voting. Voting will be done through an SMS line to be provided by Chillstep Sundays. Students from across Botswana are encouraged to submit their work. Entries will be put forward for monthly competitions with the opportunity to win a P1,500.00 award accompanied by merchandize.

Artists showcasing at one of the Chillstep Sunday events

Artists showcasing at one of the Chillstep Sunday events

Along with promoting and encouraging talent, the student competition aims to instil a sense of pride in students who perform well in this regard, hence the awarding of the prize will take place at the winner’s school assembly.  Mentorship will also be provided to the winning students by inspirational influencers in the field.

CHILLSTEP SUNDAYS, a movement that helps promote arts & culture in Botswana, will in July 2016 be celebrating its first year anniversary and takes place every last Sunday of the month. As an event that celebrates young and upcoming artists through exhibitions, the inclusion of students was always on the cards as it targets the very Public that Chillstep wishes to see take the Botswana arts to the next level.


Drew Chadhall, Founder of Chillstep Sundays, is a radio personality and Electro Dance Music (EDM) enthusiast and pioneer, as well as being a member of the Southern Africa Guild Art Association. It is through his rounded interest in the Arts as a whole, and his affiliations, that he aspires to take Botswana to greater heights in the world of art.