Success has many definitions depending on who defines it and the standards and benchmarks set by their milieu. Even so, the universal language of success revels individuals that have ‘broken glass ceilings’ in their industries and gone beyond expectations as well as overcoming challenges in realising their goals.

The society as a whole celebrates these forces because by exceeding expectations, these characters allow us to also believe in the supremacy of our distinctive potential. Often times we look back at how far we have come and decisions we have made in life. This also goes for those looking back at their success journey – how they got here and how they feel about that journey. We chatted to a few successful Batswana and inquired:

“What piece of advice would you give to your younger self in his/her quest for success, knowing now what you didn’t know then?”


Serenity in Success

“Keep calm and stop kicking and screaming; if it is yours to have, you will have it. The grace and calmness is what is necessary. There is enough success in the world for everybody if you choose to get on the path less travelled.” – 36 years old

Lesson: Hassle-free but consistent hard work will get you to where you need to be.

The Need For Readiness

“Sometimes you find yourself unprepared for certain obstacles (even opportunities) thrown your way. Always be prepared.” – 41 years old

Lesson: Though it is not always the case, you need to do your best to make your journey is as predictable and comfortable as possible.

Move with Goals in Place

“Establish what it is you really want out of life and only then will you know what you need to get you there. But always follow your passion, and remember to follow through.” – 39 years old

Lesson: Take time to explore what it is you really love and then find ways to extract value out of it.  

Live The Journey

“Do not forget to live in the moment; do everything with the quality of presence. Give your full attention to all you do and savour every second of your journey to bank memories.” – 29 years old

Lesson: Have as much fun running the race as you would crossing the finish line. There is great value and fulfilment in reflecting on your journey.  


The Urgency

“Start young and work to learn and not to earn so that in your 30s, you may work to earn. Always remember to have a long-term vision and ignore instant gratification.” – 30 years old

Lesson: Start instantly but look beyond.

Fear is the Enemy

“Be bold and fearless; do not be afraid of experiences you have not had before. These two ideals come with wisdom thus that is what you should seek in your journey. Remember to always aspire for credibility.” – 33 years old

Lesson: Understand yourself and be the best version of you that you can be.

Define Your Own Success

“Never compare apples to oranges; you must define your own success. No one else should dictate what success is to you.” – 40 years old

Lesson: You must not seek external validation for your success; success is personal.

Watch Your Network

“Associate with the right crowd, the gurus. Travel, read books, attend seminars and learn about success to broaden your perspective. You become who and what you engage with.” – 35 years old

Lesson: Your network is your net worth.  

The Doc’s Prescription

“Show your hunger and make sacrifices, work the long hours and rise to the top. Be seen, be heard and do not be apologetic. This world is not for sissies; it is for the fighters, the risk takers and for those who wow customers and make a difference in all they do.” – 44 years old

Lesson: Empty your talents and give it all you’ve got.

As we stumble through life with our shelves full of dreams and aspirations to become a dominant and distinguished force on the success train, we must remember to discard the things that are immaterial in our journey and only keep those worth our while- friends, interests, hobbies, experiences etc. Only then will we grow to be the powerful forces we desire to be.

And that is realtalk!

By Shaka FBS