When it comes to health, many of us make a lot of mistakes based on self-diagnoses, trends/fads etc. This article focuses on some of the health risks we take (most of which are obvious but we dismiss them) though they can be life costly and detrimental to our bodies. Are you guilty of one or more of them?

Not eating breakfast

Skipping breakfast will slow the metabolism and in turn have you on slow-motion for the rest of the day. On sleep we spent more hours fasting. So it’s best to break that first in the wee hours and have the energy for the day.

Though the modt important meal of the day, you do not have to go all MasterChef for your breakfast

A bowl of cereal will do.Though the modt important meal of the day, you do not have to go all MasterChef for your breakfast

Binge drinking

Many people save up their units during the weekday for a binge drinking spree on weekends. You may be paying off for the weekdays you missed out on drinking but the health debt that comes with that is not worth it. This is more harmful than a more moderate but regular alcohol intake. More than 6 units in one sitting are hazardous to your liver as it has to handle that at a cost.

Atkin’s diet

Diets have become an integral part in weight loss amongst the people of all ages ranges. One of the common ones that people are taking up is the Atkins diet where carbohydrates intake is restricted. Your body require carbs for energy or els the body ends up using energy stores of the body including fat which is not enough to sustain the functionality of the body especially the brain. Rather avoid bad carbs like whites; flour, sugar and rice and settle for wholegrain and rolled oats.

Not enough sleep

“I will sleep when I am dead” is something you will often hear. But what is the point of being tired from being sleep deprived and by extension not have the energy to enjoy life or energy to chase that dream. Your brain needs to rest, certain hormones need to be released which are essential for nurturing the body.

Too much Caffeine

If Mugg&Bean staff knows you by name or your friends know in their sleep what novelty gifts to get you, then you are overdoing it. More than 600mg can affect your health. Caffeine is a stimulant, a drug, which can be addictive. It interferes with sleep patterns, increases heart rate and overstimulates the adrenal glands.

THINKyou need more than 2 cups of this per day to function???

THINKyou need more than 2 cups of this per day to function???

Not drinking enough water

Another cliché, the recommended amount is 2 litres in a day, but if you find yourself consuming 2 litres in a week then you are at risk of developing dehydration which comes with many consequences e.g. kidney problems.

Lifting more weight than you can handle

Even for bodybuilders this will not help attain your goals but rather it will cause unnecessary injuries to your body. If you have to jerk your body while lifting, then you are lifting too much.

You don't like being stressed out? Well, so do your muscles... Know your levels.

You don’t like being stressed out? Well, so do your muscles… Know your levels.

Unsafe sex

This is what is preached every day, everywhere. Do not be caught up in a moment or tell yourself that “just this one time”. The main thing that unsafe sex will definitely lead to is sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV and an unplanned for “ bundle of joy.” Don’t fail to take appropriate precautions especially in the heat of the moment. Take responsibility for your own sexual health and protect your current or future partner.

These may seem like common sense but in reality we all partake in one or more of these not thinking much of the harm. As an individual, it is up to you to take care of yourself so that you can lead a healthy and happy life. It is your choice!

By: Gaone Abigail Moalosi