Beautiful, confident, ambitious and full of life, she is one of the very few young ambassadors to Botswana. Pristine catches up with Mmabatho Amelia Mokabedi who is a ONE YOUNG WORLD Botswana representative. An initiative that aims at empowering the youth, call it the power of a young mind full of fresh ideas.

Just like her name Mmabatho which directly translates to a ‘woman of the people’, she is a people’s person who strives hard to make a positive mark in the history of Botswana. The humble 24 year old is currently a final year student of BA in Mass Communication offered by Curtin University affiliated to Limkokwing University, Malaysia. She was born and raised in the small village of Moshupa and the 4th born of five children in her family. Mmabatho describes herself as a God fearing individual as she relates her success and strong personality to the favour of God. She says she grew up in church, took part in activities at church on every opportunity that she had and every night her family would gather in prayer hence her strong faith.

As a young girl she grew up very close to her father who would often make her read newspapers and later ask her to retell the news from as young an age as kindergarten. This bred in her the spirit of reading and this is where her love for politics was born. Since junior high she has been actively involved in debate and given leadership positions.

Her other interests lies in reading and writing poems as well as ordinary pieces “I recently realized that I wrote close to 1000 pages that I intend to compile as a book.” She shares that her room is filled with books written by influential people, from political leaders, spiritual leaders and so forth. “Believe me I have newspaper articles that date as far back as 1994, I have kept this particular one about Duma Boko when he was entering the limelight.” In 2009 she was chosen together with two other students to represent Botswana at the ONE YOUNG WORLD summit held in the United Kingdom, which was aired on BBC and attracted a vast majority of media around the world. To attend the seminar each representative had to pay a sum of 3000 pounds and this nearly proved to be a problem for her like the other two students as she could not raise the money that was required. “Not every nominee could get sponsorship due to lack of funds but by God’s grace a saint from Netherlands handpicked me and paid for everything.”

Mmabatho got to join the competition for ONE YOUNG WORLD through Facebook, were candidates had to upload their profiles following which people would vote. Mmabatho is to hold her position as the Botswana representative for ONE YOUNG WORLD for three years. In these three years she has to work on seven resolutions in her respective country or globally. So far she has established an initiative called EAGLE WINGS in which she tries to recruit more youthful ambassadors, who come together to share ideas and organize events that are youth engaging. She is quick to point out that she has more projects in store most of which can best be implemented in Botswana as she represents Batswana therefore she promises to deliver come this December as she will be home.

Currently she is not funded and is working hard to make a difference with hope that only then will companies be able to recognize and sponsor her projects. Mmabatho excitedly tells how she recently pitched her idea to the body of VISION 2016 that showed interest and are still discussing the next steps to be taken, she also hopes to pitch the idea to as far as the President’s office. Her dream is to one day become the President of Botswana.

With some of the ambassodors at the convention

“It is not about the position but it is about servant hood, to serve my people and give them the best of me which I have shown now that indeed -mosele wa pula o epiwa go sale gale.”