Over the last decades men started paying attention to their appearance and appreciating the benefits that come from looking their best. From getting that job, sealing the business deal or even impressing the ladies.

Contrary to many people’s belief, a fashion-conscious man does not equate them being lesser of a man and here are a few tips on the “must-haves” to make this an effortless habit:
1. Button down shirt
A classic button own shirt in white or pale blue goes well with almost colours hence a must have.


2. Crew neck jumper:
A jumper in an adaptable shade of navy also does work well with most outfits and colours in a man’s wardrobe.


3. Slim chinos
An alternative to jeans; if you don’t want to wear suit trousers. Wear them with a shirt or T-shirts


4. A suit
Well, women love a man in a suit. Every man needs atleast one good suit. Well-tailored suit preferably in a darker colour.


5. Ties
Try as much to avoid plain black/white ties, especially slim and shinny ones.


6. Simple sneakers
Relaxed casual sneakers are able to make a simple guy look sophisticated. Eg Chucks and Superga.



7. Jeans
Good pair of jeans. Slim, not very loose but also not too tight so that you can still bend your legs. Definitely Blue.

8. Plain T-shirts
High quality white t-shirt adds some clean and fresh feel to a man’s look. They also go with many colours.


9. A Beige Trench
Looks great worn over a suit, or with t-shirt and jeans


10. Tan Derbies
Brilliant with Navy, grey and work well with denim


11. Loafers
Perfect for summer. Wear with cropped, slim chinos and invest in good quality socks. You can wear with or without socks.


12. Black Lace Ups
Simple to be worn with a suit or tuxedo.

Remember to accessorise: A watch never goes wrong. And NO WHITE FORMAL SHOES.

By: Refhiloe Baikepi ( Founder and  qualified image consultant at Refined Image)