The current era is going through a noteworthy progress and innovations and inventive ways are continuously striking the mankind. Those endowed with unique skills and talent have managed to compete in the global market by turning their skill into an opportunity or what I would call “global market gap caulking”. Yet also there are a wide range of predesigned jobs which standout in the preview of top paying jobs. The projected growth could mean this may be the future including for Botswana.

As graduates from different types of institutes continue to emerge, it’s only best to give out a glimpse of the real world of work which will hopefully help in making a wise decision. With the practical knowledge acquired from school, one’s occupation becomes a treasured one, when they are able to incorporate the assimilated knowledge, the skill they possess into the everyday life situation. It’s reality we are facing now, and everyone is in the search of those jobs that are popular and in demand. This current edition of Pristine Mag will focus on the top or highest paying jobs in 2014 around the world. Have a glance at those and mark as to why these pay so much or rather prerequisite requirements to those jobs.

No. 1 Medicine

And University of Botswana just produced it's first class of doctors.

And University of Botswana just produced it’s first class of doctors.

Annual Average Salary $233, 150

Projected Growth by 2022: 18%urgeon

General Practitioners, Dermatologists, Internist, Paediatricians and Obstetricians just to name a few, there is no doubt that Medicine is the highest paying career in the world among which Surgeons are in high demand making it the highest paying job that has a very bright future. Their salaries not only surpass other specialties in Medicine but the even stand on the grounds of Business, Law and IT. Surgeons spend between 3 and 8 years in residency before they are allowed to operate on their own. After all the many years of academia and practice becomes worthwhile as they pay off. Who wouldn’t want a job like this?

No. 2 Psychiatrist

Annual Average Salary $178, 950

Projected Growth by 2022: 18%

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental disorders and therefore to be competent, a prospective psychiatrist should have an analytical mind and have patience. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who assess patients in order to determine the root cause of their mental illness by classifying them either as a result of physical illness or a strict psychiatric one. Therefore the significant educational requirement will have to be an acquisition of a medical degree, Doctor of Medicine (MD).

No. 3 Orthodontist

Annual Average Salary $149, 310

Projected Growth by 2022: 16%

Health sciences  is mostly famous for exhaustive period of schooling and residency that must be completed before earning the title, “Dr” or an average salary of $150, 000 a year which is entirely driven by high demand. Dentists repair any deformities in our teeth, from chipped teeth repair to filling in cavities and even go to an extent of installing dental veneers and performing teeth whitening procedure or regular oral hygiene assessment. Meanwhile Orthodontists are dentist who specialize in installing and adjusting braces and retainers and they have been the bane of teenagers across the world leading to increased demand. This may be a field for you if you believe that the world can be healed with a smile.

No. 4 Pharmacist

Annual Average Salary $116 670

Projected Growth by 2022: 14%

They mix technical, organizational and people skills in customer service environment. Their place as dispensing medicine and advising patients at hospitals and retail chains has put them at the highest earning list. Influenced by the existence of medicine, pharmacists are not going anywhere therefore feel free to apply to such institutes like Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) as they offer this course for approximately 3 years?

No. 5 Air Traffic Controller

As Botswana Civil Aviation increases routes on the Botswana airs...

As Botswana Civil Aviation increases routes on the Botswana airs…

Annual Average Salary $122, 530

Projected Growth by 2022: 1%

Air traffic controller must earn accreditation from the Federal Aviation Administration. A competent Air traffic controller is one with excellent short-term memory and good situational awareness, has good mathematical skills, quick and assertive decision making abilities and ability to function rationally under stress. This is not easy at all, and it’s no surprise they stand at the no.7 spot in Forbes’s 10 Best-paying Jobs of 2014.

No. 6 Petroleum/Mechanical Engineer

Annual Average Salary $130, 280

Projected Growth by 2022: 26%

Both members are working in the oil and gas industry and petroleum engineers have some coursework in geology, hydrology and the chemistry of petroleum products. It takes at least 4 years to complete such a degree from an accredited engineering school. With Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) open, I do not see why we cannot have mechanical or petroleum engineers in our country.

No. 7 Podiatrist

Annual Average Salary $116, 440

Projected Growth by 2022: 23%

Their specialty focuses on management and treatment of pathological conditions affecting foot and ankle, In relation to chronic illnesses such as obesity, or diabetes which have a high prevalence and incidence rate they are major causes of foot problems and as such the agency adds. Hence this is the medical specialty which is projected to grow faster.

No. 8 Chief Executive Officers

Annual Average Salary $94, 172

As much as they are at the top of their company, they also rank the highest paid as they get big bonuses at the end of each year. CEO has responsibilities as a director, decision maker, leader, manager and executor and along with responsibilities set by the company’s board of directors or authority; it will depend on the company’s legal structure.

No. 9 Attorney

Annual Average Salary $81, 432

It is the keepers and lawmakers whom we look up to in this category. Moreover, judges requirements, discipline and appointment varies across different places, are officials who preside over the happenings in a court and their bank statements will shock you. They make around $100, 000 per year followed by Attorneys or lawyers who earn slightly below the Judge’s figures.

No. 10 Computer and Information Systems Manager

Annual Average Salary $80, 548

Their main role is to manage software developers, coders, IT security analysts and network engineers and they make more than the people they manage. In order to pursue and secure a future in IT, at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or information technology can land you in your dreamland. Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) has done an impressive job in providing such academic achievements.

No. 11 Software Developer

Annual Average Salary $71, 240

They have the skill to develop or design software applications by integrating code modules created by programmers to create a whole software application. Furthermore they may design software interfaces and software installation packages. They also work in software support, upgrading by adding new functionality in last version of software applications. As complicated as it sounds, after all they are in demand.

No. 12 Computer Programmer

Annual Average Salary $60, 424

These IT specialists unlike Software Developers, they rewrite, debug, maintain and test the software and programs essential in functioning of computers. They work closely with software developers and they put what developers design into good use. No wonder why they earn more and predicted employment growth for programmers is 8.3% between 2012 and 2022 as predicted by BLS.

With these 12 best paying jobs 2014, educational requirement is a major prerequisite. Pristine Mag would like to congratulate Botswana graduates from their various institutions and we hope this article will inspire you to aim sky high. And goodluck  to those gettong ready for the O-level and A-level exams. The oomph of life is making a wise career choice.

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By: Gaone Abigail Moalosi