Valentine’s Day is back and once again we all run the risk of running headfirst into couples galore running into each other’s arms, holding hands and canoodling on the streets. And don’t even get me started on the matching, color-coordinated outfits.

If you’re anything like me, V-Day is a holiday you love to hate, no matter your relationship status. Only retailers, and couples who are nauseatingly crazy in love, love this day. Here are a few reasons why this holiday is overrated:

To buy or not to buy? – Of all the money-making Hallmark holidays, Valentine’s Day is definitely the worst, with its commercial emphasis on love, snuggling, cuddling and other mushy things. Valentine’s Day was basically created to sell candy, flowers, ‘I heart you’ teddy bears and frilly panties that will be forgotten about as soon as they are flung off into the dark corners of the bedroom.  Yes, it’s that special time of year when florists, chocolate manufacturers and greetings card companies encourage you to demonstrate the extent of your affection in cold, hard, cash on February 14th. While you are busy celebrating this day, guess who is busy laughing all the way to the bank?

Cliché – Roses are red, violets are blue… V-day puts people on the spot to be romantic, to make a big show of their love by buying a million roses, heart-shaped chocolate, stuffed animals and mushy cards full of sweet lil’ lies. It’s a conventional trap.

Couples succumb to the unnecessary pressure of celebrating their feelings for one another in an extravagant way on this one particular day, (and torture the poor singletons around them in the process). And let’s face it if you’re single on Valentine’s Day or nursing a broken heart and jaded by love, then you’re in for an absolutely agonizing 24 hours. All you want to do is crawl under a rock until February 15th, but unfortunately this day will be jammed in your face everywhere you go. Brace yourself.

Single and Fabulous…NOT – The message behind Valentine’s Day is that everyone should have a special someone in their life, a soul mate in order to be happy, and if one isn’t in such a relationship then one doesn’t deserve to be loved and should probably spend more time at the gym. Truth is many happy singles are offended by the notion that they need to be involved in love affairs in order to be ‘complete’. It’s no wonder cupid makes singles cringe.

Fake Holiday – You don’t have to be paying close attention to current affairs to realize that from the very first day of February, the world suddenly becomes aware of romantic love. Heck it’s even dubbed “the month of love”. All you hear and see around you is Valentine’s Day this, Valentine’s Day that. But truth be told, the very idea of celebrating a holiday that’s not even a holiday is just atrocious. Isn’t the whole point of a holiday, to take a break from work and school – sleep in, relax with family, catch up with friends etc…? Let’s face it, V-day isn’t a real holiday. You are still expected to miraculously carry on with your usual workload while still finding the time (and money) to indulge in an overpriced romantic dinner at a crowded restaurant and act like one of those happy (but irritating) couples cooing into each other’s ears after too much cheap champagne. All that trouble for a day that has no special meaning to it like Christmas or New Year’s.

Fairytale Love – Another thing about V-day is that it spreads the false, media-perpetuated notion of ‘fairytale love’, which we all know doesn’t exist in this cruel world that we live in. Granted, real happily-ever-afters do exist, but Valentine’s Day just makes a mockery of real love and commitment by emphasizing clichés such as buying expensive gifts. Prince Charming didn’t have Cinderella’s glass slipper tied in a big red bow, and Beauty didn’t care if the Beast wore a red tie on their date.

The world would honestly be a much better place if we showed love and appreciation to all those closest to our hearts, in every way, every day…not just on Valentine’s Day.