Pristine Mag Speaks with My Star Runner-up Kennedy Thal. We talked to him before the ‘My star’ fame and its only right that we catch up with him about what happened then and what’s next for him.

PM: Jumping straight into things…must start by congratulating  you for being a My Star 2011 runner-up.

KE: Thank you.

PM: What was the best piece of advice that you received from one of the judges?

KE: Gosh, I got a lot of great advice from the judges, I honestly can’t place any one piece of advice above the rest.

PM: If you could describe Master -D  in one word, what would it be?

KE: Driven. He really works hard at what he does. When I was on the show, he was at his office at the earliest hours of the morning, Monday to Sunday, 24/7. Even on tour, he was still on his A game. I really admire him for that.

PM: Moving forward, are there any specific producers or artists out

there that you’d like to work with on some music?

KE: Well, its been a year since I started sharing my music online and I’ve gotten in contact with a lot of the producers who I look up to. Have been following producers online for quite a while now and after listening to my material, honestly all the one’s I’ve approached have been really receptive and started producing for me or sending me beats to work on.

PM: As everybody knows, being a MY STAR RUNNER-UP / WINNER  doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a flourishing career around Botswana, as in being relevant to the industry. What do you think it takes to find that success around Botswana entertainment industry looking at previous My Star winners

KE: Honestly, the industry here in Botswana is way too fetal for any artist to rely solely on. I encourage more artists to try and broaden their scope so as not to have to rely on Botswana alone as a source of income in terms of record sales and live shows. Obviously one must have the look, sound and team but with all granted, you can only do so much in Botswana. Its best to try and increase your celebrity and showcase your music to as many countries outside of Botswana as you possibly can.

PM: What was your most memorable or special moment over the whole journey of My Star 2011?

KE: The day I performed “Waving Flag” was the most memorable for me. I think it was one of the most memorable performances of the season. Was a really moving night for me. 

PM:  What was your favorite performance while you were on My Star? 

KE: “Remember When It Rained – Josh Groban”. I think that song fits my voice and range very well and it was great to be able to pull off a song of that magnitude. It made me feel validated as a singer.

PM: Which one of the judge’s advice and critiques did you take more to heart over the others?

KE: None

PM:  Which 2 artists out today around Botswana would you most like to work with?

KE: None

PM: We heard rumours that you are about to drop an album. What can we expect from the album, in the way of producers, sound, features? Have you started thinking about the direction of your album? 

KE: I’m not working on an album just yet. I’m recording my first mixtape which will be distributed mostly digitally online. It’s a way to build on my following and thank the people who’ve been with me since I started sharing my music online exactly a year ago from now. Only after that will I start working on my debut album. 

PM: Scar once said: “Botswana’s music industry has been on a downward slope for the past 3yrs. No growth in site. Songs on the radios but no venues to perfom at”  what are the 3 things you see as necessary to survive in it?

KE: 1.     International acclaim.

      2.     Relevance and consistency.

      3.     Look, sound and proper management.

PM: What’s your take on those who say that Bianca was not supposed to win My-Star if votes were not used for top 3?

KE: It’s really admirable that people think so but honestly, I got what I wanted from the show and that’s the exposure. It would be really silly for me to dilly dally on “What if’s” and “If only’s”.

PM: Besides music what else are you doing?

KE: Currently, I’m on contract with a show called “Dancing With The Superstars” produced by a company from South Africa. It’s still in its early stages in terms of development but it’ll be aired on TV soon. And in addition to doing my live shows/gigs, I’ve started working out which I’m really excited about. I’m on the first week of my third month at the gym and I’ve since gained 8 kg’s (in 9 weeks). I hired a personal trainer 5 weeks ago and completely reupholstered my diet so things are looking up really well. I work out under the supervision of my INTENSE trainer Monday to Friday everyday without fail and honestly I can’t complain because the results are BEYOND worth it. I’ve been immensely self-conscious of my skinny body my whole life and for once I’m starting to feel great in my own skin. Not only that but I’m hardly ever tired, when I get a cold I heal a lot quicker and I’m a lot more confident generally. I just feel great overall. This is the happiest and fittest I’ve ever been in my whole life as far as my physical self and health are concerned. I’m glad also because at first I was really worried about how I’d shoot my music video’s and what if I looked too skinny but now that my body is responding so well to my training, I know by the time I shoot my first video, I’m going to be looking GREAT! Can’t wait to add a little sex appeal to my image and loose that “cute scrawny boy who can sing” look.

PM: Best looking – Rihanna or Beyonce? we all know you like Beyonce lol

KE: I honestly admire both ladies A LOT but Beyoncé will always be the queen. Next question. Lol.

PM: Finally what is your advice to youth who wanna try my star 2012?

KE: Don’t try to end on a bang. Start with a bang and end with an even louder one. I don’t want to give away too much in case people read this and the show ends up boring but be calculating. Don’t just sing a song because you like it. Read into what people like, what’s trending, what’s best for your voice and mostly, be original, as corny as that sounds. If you sing Waving Flag and pull out the flag of Botswana next year I’m suing you! Lol.

PM: Are you on Twitter?

KE: Yes. And you have to follow me or else all your teeth are going to fall out and you’ll die a virgin and never make any money and your teacher is going to fail you for life and your life is going to really suck. So yeah, @kennedythal Follow me. Lol. 

PM: Before, you go, are you single? Ladies wanna know

KE: And all the gay guys, I’m sure. Hahahahahaha! I’m single and ready to mingle. Not really ready to mingle, but yeah, I’m single.

PM: Anything else you want your fans to know?

KE: I have a weird mole on the top of my right hip. I know y’all are creepy and want these details so.. Yeah. Lol. But no, on a serious note, if you aren’t my Facebook friend and have always wanted to be, I’ve got great news. You can now “subscribe” to my profile and you’ll get all my posts, pictures and updates as you would were we friends. It’s a new upgrade by Facebook and its really great.

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One more thing, you guys know that Rihanna calls her fans “NAVY” and Beyoncé’s are “The Beehive”, Lady Gaga “Little Monsters” and so on and so forth? Well, yes. For a while now I’ve been looking for a name for all my “followers” (the word “fan” makes me cringe), so please, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please tweet me (@kennedythal) or post on my Facebook profile/page or Youtube channel. Thanks, I would really appreciate that.

PM: Thank you so much for your time Kennedy. Best of luck with everything

and we hope to speak to you again soon.

KE: Thank YOU for the awesome interview, the pleasure was all mine.

By: That Guy