Five more days (November 6th) and we will find out who the new Miss World is. Our girl Karabo Sampson is in London, representing. We are very proud of her and hopefully all of Botswana is rooting for her. She has not been mentioned in any preliminary contests yet, but all is not lost.

*Pictures from Miss World Facebook Page

In the sports activities (she did mention in profile that she enjoys sport-there she goes throwing it like a real sports woman).

Miss Top Model contest ( Elegance- the smile, the dress all wrapped in one). It still buffles me though how they judge this category. Is it the catwalk only, or do they also have photoshoots to determine who is the best model?

Miss Beach Wear; it’s very cold in London around this time- I guess that is why this was conducted in doors instead of outside by the pool,or beach as always. Now ladies, on a serious note-this bod has to make you want to get in shape.

And her confidence should work in her favour. Here she was delivery a debate-speech at the Cambridge Union;

“This was the place for the Miss World hopefuls to talk about the social responsibility their titles hold in their respective countries… Leading the debate were Zimbabwe, Botswana, Scotland, and Puerto Rico, who each delivered a speech to open proceedings…Botswana delivered an entertaining yet very thoughtful speech about tolerance and the need to dispel common misconceptions, leading to a rousing round of applause”

Pristine wishes Karabo all the, HER best. We also hope Emma is also right there besides her, guiding her.

Some of our neighbouring beauties to look out for;

Miss Zimbabwe- She was among the Top Model and Beach Beauty Finalists-her height (1.82m) surely worked in her favour in these categories;

Miss South Africa was also among the Beach Beauty Finalists- she has also represented RSA in the Miss Universe 2011.

No African girls were mentioned in Miss Talent-could it be because it is not in most cases where we Africans would be attending Arts school for ballet lessons and learning to play the Cello and such-just wondering. But we do go there with our traditional dances- now that we don’t need to be paying tuition fees for that.  Hopefully a Beauty with a Purpose prize will go to an African like last year.

The current title holders were really a pretty bunch;