Baatile Kobedi

Dj Cheng, born Arnold Chengeta, is a young and upcoming dj whose work on the decks has seen him amass a significant following over the past 2 years. His star continues to rise as he gradually makes a name for himself in Botswana’s second capital Francistown or “Ghetto” as it is a ffectionately called locally. He has since graduated from Malaysia and takes time off to chat with Pristine.

PRISTINE: Hola dj. How did this whole deejay-in thing come about?

CHENG: It’s all in the name of my cousin Dj Kriss, about six to seven years ago he came back for a holiday while he was still studying abroad and came along with deejay equipment and watching him doing the magic made me want to try it too, whenever he mixed two songs he would say listen to the magic and I fell in love with that magic.

PRISTINE: Who would u say was your major influence in the game?

CHENG: Dj Kriss, dj Cue, and Boogie Sid these men drive me.

PRISTINE: Your most memorable gig to date?

CHENG: Most memorable gig…it’s a tough one to answer because almost all were memorable to me in their own different ways.

PRISTINE: What was the response like for you when you came back?

CHENG: I’m loving the response it’s not something I expected so soon but I guess it’s all about who you hang out with and your mad skills.

PRISTINE: How would you rate the local response/crowd to the one in Malaysia

CHENG: I would say the response is the same the only difference is that in Malaysia there are few Batswana who love house and electro coz that’s my kind of taste and here almost everyone is a house junkie.

PRISTINE: How do you plan on marketing yourself to the rest of Botswana?

CHENG: Well I haven’t really thought of that yet, in Malaysia I was using Facebook and mixtapes to market myself, I uploaded mixtapes almost every month and the response was awesome.

PRISTINE: Is this an ultimate career for you or is it something you will be doing part time?

CHENG: This is not an ultimate career it’s just something I love doing as a part time thing.

PRISTINE: Do you have a regular spot where you deejay?

CHENG: Well ever since I came I have been playing at monkey lounge almost

every week so I guess that’s where you might find me on weekends.

PRISTINE: How do people book you?

CHENG: They can call me at 74374861, email me at or visit my Facebook group Dj Cheng … ‘ko fiwa ipapa’.

PRISTINE: Any side interests and future goals?

CHENG: I prefer keeping that to myself for now.

PRISTINE: Most deejays have a habit of not necessarily playing live but coming with pre-recorded material what’s your take on that? Is it a wise move, is something you do/would do

CHENG: To me that’s not deejaying its pretending to be a deejay. It’s not something I do because there is not art in it. People have to see you create that magic, not just listen to it.

PRISTINE: Have u ever played a set where it took people a while to flow with you

CHENG: Yes i have we all have those were you meet a different crowd with a different taste

PRISTINE: Any last words before we put a close to this interview?

CHENG: To me a dj is someone who can entertain the crown and not entertain another dj at the end of the day you get to be noticed by the crowd….with that said ‘ko fiwa ipapa’